Monday, October 4, 2010

Unaccompanied Miner (Day 1)

Unaccompanied Miner

Day 1
I've woken up on this strange island. I'll document my adventures here. I'm in the middle of a valley, and there are a couple trees around, but that's about it. The first thing I'll need is a shelter, and I suppose wood is the best material for that. But how to cut down the trees? I suppose I can try and pull some branches off to make an axe. Woah! I'm much stronger here! I can just pull the trees to the ground! However, these logs aren't very suitable for building a house out of. Let's see if I can make some planks out of them.
There we go! That's much better! Now I can start work on my shelter. First, I'll need to clear some space.
Done! Now for the shelter itself.
Ta-da! That's all well and good, but I'll need some more planks if I want to finish this shelter, and that means I need an axe. However, I don't think I can hold all the pieces together. I'll need something to put them on while I piece together the axe. Maybe a workbench?
Sweet! Now I can make an axe! Maybe I should make a sword as well, in case there's anything I need to defend myself against on this island. And maybe a pickaxe, so I can make some stronger tools. First I'll need some handles.
Next the axe head.
Now for a sword.

And lastly, a pickaxe!

There! Now I'll go chop some more trees down, and finish up my shelter.

But what is this! Sheep, and a cow! The sheep will provide wool, and I may be able to make some makeshift leather armor out of the cow's hide!
I need to grab my sword from my pack, and rush over to the fauna before they escape.
Take that, cow! Now to harvest the wool from the sheep, and get back to chopping wood. Oh look, another cow! I almost have enough leather for some boots now!
Uh-oh, it's getting dark. I'd better head back to my homestead and finish building that house.
Hopefully I don't run into anything nasty while I'm finishing the house. If something sneaks up on me, I'm not sure my wooden sword will hold out.

There. Done with my house. I'll go ahead and get a good night's sleep, who knows when I'll have another opportunity to sleep. In the morning, I'll look for some coal, so I can make torches. If I'm lucky, I'll find some other useful materials.


(This story is about the game called Minecraft, and is from the perspective of the character you play.)

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