Monday, March 14, 2011

Clearwater Student Sound Bites

--by Susan Milton, Clearwater parent and member of website committee.

An all new Clearwater website is currently in the works. To help out with this project, I volunteered to gather quotes by members of the Clearwater community that could appear on the new website. One thing I did was to ask students for quotes when I saw them at school. I asked if they would be willing to say something they liked about Clearwater, or something that people interested in Clearwater should know about, or just anything at all that they thought would be a good quote for the website. Many students said they would need more time to think about it. But for right now, I thought readers of the blog might enjoy seeing my unedited list of off-the-top-of-their-heads quotes by Clearwater students about their school. So here it is:

I like Clearwater because there's pizza there sometimes. - Imogen, age 5

I like Clearwater because of what Imogen said, and because the teachers never boss you around. - Jaime, age 8

You can make up languages. Nikos and I made up a language. - Vera, age 8

I really like Clearwater. It's the best school I've ever been to. It's really good. - Blessing, age 6

Attending the Clearwater School has enhanced my soul chakra beyond my natural bodysphere by about 12 octahedrons - Simon, age 14

I kinda like the Clearwater School - Thad, age 12

Creek Village! - Chiara, age 8

Creek Village is a really fun game. - Stevie, age 11

Clearwater is a good school because you make your own choices. - Stevie, age 11

I like the outside part of Clearwater. - Tommy, age 11

The creek is awesome! - Tarka, age 9

Clearwater has more computers than any other school. - Tommy, age 11

As far as the computer room goes, it's great that you can play so many multiplayer games. For example, the school has it's own Minecraft server, and Team Fortress. - Tarka, age 9

I like doing art in the art room - Delaney, age 16

I like the computer room. - Imogen, age 5

A great school where you can roam free. - Jesse, age 8

End of post.