Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was school meeting it was interesting to see how they ran it. One of there items was whether or not parents should be able to come into school meeting or not. The reason for this is they had a kid they had to expel a kid for violence and there parents came in with out telling them and where being part of the meeting. so they asked Braden and i what our school did about parents being part of the meeting and i told them that we don't allow them to be part of the meeting unless we vote for them to be part of it and they cant vote because its the kids who make the choices not the parents. and they liked that so they used it and it got voted for. I was very happy to help them out with there rules. I am looking at there school and i see how clearwater used to be they are still in the process of getting the school started in about 3 years they are going to be a very good school they are on the right track and i am glad i am here to make sure that they stay on it. I want to see another school like clearwater especially in another country succeed.

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