Monday, April 5, 2010


When i arrived here in Denmark there was always something that kept bugging me. while Rikke the founder of the school lives just a few blocks away from the school many students live as far away as copenhagen. thats even farther than my west seattle to bothell commute how do they do it. The answer a series of high speed trains averaging at about 150 miles an hour! Screw Amtrack . . . no seriously why does Denmark a country 1/100 the size of ours get these trains. Dont you thing it would be advantageous for a country as large as ours to have trains this fast. Someone show me a commuter train in the U.S. that goes faster than 60.

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Anonymous said...

Amen!!! Where are our trains? Not only are they fast, efficient, and clean, but trains are just plain FUN. Have you ever seen a child being not excited by a train ride? I hope your generation does what ours could not ... and gets a train up the I-405 and the I-5 ... that runs all day.