Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clearwater's First Fall Festival

On Saturday The Clearwater School hosted our first Fall Festival. Most Clearwater families spent a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon eating delicious potluck food, playing indoor and outdoor games, carving jack 'o' lanterns from more than 70 pumpkins grown in Clearwater's garden (thanks, Tim!), and generally enjoying each others company.

The Clearwater Singers performed to a full house in the Active Room, and Christine and Chris played a lot of great Irish music (joined at one point by Bob on djembe).

On Friday, staff and students worked to set everything up for the following day, and we had lots of help on Saturday cleaning up after the event. Thank you to everyone who came, and to those who worked to organize, set up and clean up.

It was a fun and wonderful day!

To see lots more photos go to Clearwater's facebook page (like us if you haven't already) or to Clearwater's flickr account (if you're not on facebook).

Pumpkin carvers

Simon and Pearl--in costume? You decide

Chris and Christine

Mat, Steve and Simon

Meghan, steampunk girl

Meghan, Maddy and Gregory

Delayney, Niya and J.R.

 Lily, Meghan and Jacy


Gabriel and Joey

Bob, Chris and Christine

Maddy, Alise and Jacy

Corey and Robert

Susan, Susan and Ginger

Zoe (the little zombies are the scariest)

Jesse and David

Zoe and Chris

Lily and her pumpkin

 Niya and Maddy



Niya and her pumpkin

Justin and Jackie

Bryan and his pumpkin

Jason (Yoshi) and Hidy

Jesse and his pumpkin

 Clearwater Singers

Lily, Alise, Keenan and Jacy

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