Monday, March 9, 2009

Pledge Drive Update

The total for our pledge drive to date is a little over $18,000, including donations received and pledged, toward our goal of $34,000. Congratulations on our progress! At the fall Assembly meeting, there was lively discussion, then a vote, that the Assembly was committed to supporting paying staff the 17.50/hour voted on last Spring . This is not yet the living wage we’ve set goals for, but a much-needed step towards it. We are only $4,000 away from the $22,000 needed to meet the bare bones budget adopted last fall. When we raise an additional $12,000 from fundraising and other revenue we will be able to fully restore staff salaries for the year.

Let's see how fast we can reach our goal! We look forward to talking with you next Monday night during our Phonathon.

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