Friday, March 6, 2009

Deep Freeze

Early spring crocus and snowdrops are blooming, daylight is increasing, and the sun's rays are warming our bodies and souls. Yet, memories of the below freezing temperatures we experienced in December are still fresh in our memories. The deep freeze burst our fire sprinkler pipes resulting in our soon-to-be-completed new kitchen, new art room and improved music room.

At Clearwater, we responded to the cold by warning each other of slippery conditions, cutting through icy surfaces to ensure liquid water for our chickens, and enjoying the beauty and novelty of amazing natural ice sculptures.

Three 7-9 year old girls made and posted this sign because they were concerned for others' safety. No adult suggested or asked them to make it.

Our chickens greedily drank water through a small hole hacked in the ice of their water trough.

A student discovered and claimed a natural ice sculpture.

Creek icicles

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