Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clearwater's New Message

The Public Relations Committee has been working with a branding firm to help us hone our message. We began the process with Lynn Parker, a principal of Parker LePla , and a friend of Heather Bentley, Miles' Mom. She generously donated her services, and after several months and many hours of Assembly brain power, we have a new message that feels really fresh and concise.

What if kids could vote?

At Clearwater they do.

Every day, students of all ages make decisions that affect their lives and community.

  • Make the rules
  • Decide how and what to learn
  • Hire and fire staff
  • Choose how to spend their time
Our students are adaptable, self-assured thoughtful people with the skills that actually lead to success.

At Clearwater, school isn't practice. It's real life.

We were waiting until this process was finished to work on a few other projects. We are now moving ahead on getting some graphics on the bus, updating the logo, and sprucing up the website.

We want to thank Lynn and her team for their time, energy and perspective. It's not possible to briefly describe what went into this statement, but it was a very interesting process and having a team of objective professionals look at what we do and help us describe it was very helpful. We realize that it is impossible to achieve perfection in 153 words, at least if you are doing it by committee, but we like these particular words.

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