Monday, February 9, 2009

Burst Pipes and Renewal

As Bob mentioned in the blog post below, we are unexpectedly and excitedly doing a major remodel because of water damage from fire sprinkler pipe that burst during the cold snap in December. We discovered after removing the shattered pipe that insulation around it was inadequate, so the new pipe is now well insulated. We are fortunate to have the skill and professionalism of Odyssey Builders for much of the repair and renovation.

PVC fire sprinkler pipe shattered by the big December freeze

We have wanted a kitchen ever since we left our old location in Lake City and this gave us the opportunity to build one earlier than we thought possible. The former computer room was not high on the list for a kitchen location, but it turns out to be a great size for kitchen counters, appliances and tables for eating. Plus, the building's electrical panel, wiring and plumbing are more than adequate for a kitchen's needs. The computer room is now comfortably located in the former Media Room.

Contractor giving demolition instructions to students

Several students were excited to help staff members and our contractor with some of the more minor demolition of non-load-bearing walls and unneeded counters.

Staff member Stephanie and student removing old computer counters in music room

The former music room is being divided into a smaller music room/studio and a separate dedicated art room with a sink.

Students take down a non-load-bearing wall in new kitchen space

Student removing unused computer counters in music room

Thanks to the water damage and insurance reimbursement, we have been able to renovate the rooms to best serve our needs, rather than being constrained by the layout of the school that formerly inhabited the premises. School Meeting approved changing the use of the water-damaged rooms and authorized a committee to decide on flooring, paint colors, cabinets and other decisions to complete the remodel. We anticipate that the remodel will be complete within a month.

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