Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clearwater Singers Winter Concert

The Clearwater Singers presented their winter concert on Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Everyone worked very hard to produce a delightful concert. In addition to the singers, two other students made entertaining cameo appearances in one of the songs. Staff members Matt Garrity and Stephanie Sarantos accompanied songs on guitar and accordian, respectively, as well as providing invaluable stylistic and musical assistance to all of us. Stephanie also joined me in singing most of the songs with students.

The songs that ended up in the program were chosen by different individuals within the group. The lyrics to "Castle in the Sky" were written by singer Delayney and the music was composed by Matt Garrity. The hand rhyming piece, which was put together completely by the performers, included traditional hand rhymes as well as hand rhythms and movements they applied to original and well-known song lyrics.

Concert Program

Here is a video of the concert. It's about 26 minutes long. A very big thank you to Bob Freeman for recording and editing the video of the concert. And another huge thank you to everyone who came out to watch us sing. The concert was standing room only.

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