Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Cleanup Work Party

On Sunday, April 19, families from The Clearwater School, Clearwater Commons members, and neighbors worked for two hours to pick up and dispose of large and small objects that were discarded along the approximately 1500 foot-long stretch of 194th St SE. We had lovely Spring weather and enjoyed great conversations while we worked.

Among the larger objects collected were seven vehicle tires, a water heater, a car fender, a vehicle door and fender, two TVs (includng a 42"), a bicycle, fencing and large amounts of lumber.

Several children enthusiastically crawled under blackberry brambles and large bushes to retrieve hard-to-reach litter. A couple of them brought robot claw hand toys, which proved to be invaluable to kids and adults, especially in deeper pools of water in the low spots and thick bramble patches.

We also removed a large pile of debris that someone dumped onto the Commmons property a few months ago.

We filled a small dump truck to the top with garbage and recyclables. A big thank you to Odyssey Builders for lending us their truck. Without it, we would have had to round up a small fleet of pickup trucks to haul everything. Thanks also to Tom, Vera, Arlo and Eric for the unexpected sorting job they had to do once they reached the dump.

After two hours of dirty, but satisfying work, we were all happy to sit down to a great potluck meal. We hope that our presence cleaning up the road and the sudden lack of litter will encourage travelers on the road to dispose of their trash more responsibly. In any case, we look forward to working with our neighbors on future efforts to clean and enhance our neighborhood.

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