Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clearwater's Chickens

Hard-Hitting Interview with Lily, Max and Justin about Clearwater's Chickens

KH: Tell me about the chickens.
Lily: you want to know their breeds, or what do you want to know?
KH: Tell me about the breeds first.
L: I know the school has a Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, the Appenzell Spitzhauben which is a crazy chicken which originally came from Switzerland.
Max: Isn't there an Arucana?
L: Also known as an Easter Egg Chicken.
Justin: What about the rooster?
L: I'm pretty sure he's a normal black chicken.
KH: OK, what about their names?
M: you have to write down everything we say? This is supposed to be about chickens.
L, M, J: Nightshade, Sunlight, Um..Kawinkeyakink, Pheonix, Aria, which is an Arucana, Wink, Kawinky, Snowball, Snowflake, Peanutbutter, Rhodey the Rhode Island Red, Cheetah......

KH: What else about the chickens?
L: Nothing really is about what I have to say.
J: They really like when we feed them snacks.

Note top photo, where Delayney has the rooster eating out of her hand, which is totally amazing.

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