Monday, October 20, 2008

Donations needed for blog

As its members become comfortable using this blog, School Meeting will need its own camera and a scanner. Right now all of the photos here are being shot by my personal super-crummy camera.

The quality of the blog will improve when the school gets a good camera that can shoot stills and video. And, think of the creative opportunities for our tender young buds! Ditto for a scanner. Things happen when my camera and I are not around to catch the action - games, big, little, weird and wonderful projects, classes (yes, classes) and all sorts of other interesting things. More importantly, they are things that School Meeting members find interesting and important. And video as an added feature is almost a requirement these days, is it not?

If I am not spending my time taking photos and posting them, I can start doing some photo editing demos. I can scan artwork with the scanner I will bring in and connect to my laptop until the school gets its own scanner.

Chloe, a former student who will be spending time at Clearwater as an intern this fall, will contribute to the blog, posting her photos and observations. This will bring another point of view to this project. There is no limit to the things School Meeting members and I can do to make this a great source of Clearwater information. We need a camera, then we need a scanner. Can you help?


Bob Freeman said...

I have ordered a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium, Premiere Elements and Lightroom 2 for installation on the new art/music computer. The tools will be there, now, like Karen said, we need the camera and scanner.

Karen said...